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Monday, 5 November 2012

Adam and Eve Code in Bible

THE Adham and Eve STORY

The Bible story in Gen 3  overflows with arcane lessons. 
We shall try to study them .We will make the allegory friendly. In other expressions we will make it related in the PRESENT!! But what more could this story stand for? Could there be useful and beneficial interconnected themes  older than the one in the Torah somewhere? Food for research scholars. In perception after the fact the story is about amazingly all about US! It’s about you! For it is dealing with THOUGHT! It is dealing with deliberations, cogitations, considerations, discussions or debates which we always engage inside our heads. Alone  silently or audible we always chat to ourselves. We are mad! Totally insane! The never-ending talking inside our mind, brain, consciousness or dreams is how most of us do our thinking! This is only one side of Genesis  Three. IN this instant could the tree of life be Eve also written as Hivhu or Adham or both? Could it be some primary basic building blocks of life, maybe DNA or just pure energy alone? What about the tree of the Knowledge of good and evil. Could it be the mover  of DNA, RNA?                                                       
  But were there two trees in the garden or more?

The Two Trees? 

 Yes they were many more trees. Read Gen 2v8-9.Truly there were many trees. What does this mean? The trees are all symbols for human beings. The human body in a mystical sense is like a tree .The many trees are the many type’s sizes and nature of man. Some people are fat some trees are heavy girted. Some trees are tall and thin so too are some people. Some trees are short so too the bushman! Aside from the seeming comic similarities there are deeper likenesses. 

First if all trees are symbols of people in all their diversities why were the two trees signified? Simple. The Torah goes on to asset the centrality of the two trees. They were in the midst of the garden. Implying that they were in the center of the garden. Spiritually the garden is our solar system. More of this latter. They point to the central nervous system. In the midst of our bodies. For the central nervous system (CNS) is our life. Thus the tree of life in this sense is this system in the human body. The spinal code is similar to a tree in an upside down position. The hair as the roots. Sucking capacious energies from the sun. As roots do so from the soil. All nervous muscles are likened to the branches. As the tree produces fruits so too the c.n.s. What are the fruits of our central nervous system? Of course we have those fruits in the now. In fact we are eating them right now! Of course it bears good and pleasant fruits as the Torah says in its phraseology. Gen 28-9. These fruits are our sensations! Touch, sight, smell, sight and hearing. In all these man has been lost and found. In these too actuality and figment of your imaginations have been created by our DNA. This being the tree of life what about the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? Could it be the serpent? Feelings in sync with intuition? Can we arrive at a better esoteric truism of this subject? 
DRIVEN OUT OF EDEN Gen3v24                                                                                       
The truth that we failed and fell is fully self-evident in Gen 3.Hence Gen 3 corroborate what ancient history and alchemy always says. MAN LIVED LIKE a god ONCE. No other chapter has deep and highly mysterious truths like this. In a historical sense about mans origins and the functions of the human mind and imaginations. Psychology and other sciences are now awakening from their deliberate siesta. But still can not comprehend this one chapter. For Gen 3 adequately points that due to our perceptional or mental picturing we are capable of living in so many worlds at the same time. We are multi cosmic. Since we can idealize a very supercilious world and yet live in dust and squalor can this not be proof enough that in our reminiscence we have records of a by gone magnificent epoch? Can the lessons of Gen 3 not establish that man was driven out of higher dimensions into this one?                                                                                                                                                                                   Though still in oneness many is in another condition. The east which is continually inferred in Genesis is symbolic of the sun. The supreme guardian of our solar system. Gen 3v24 and Gen 2v8-9.It is in this dimension where we use only 3-4% of the DNA material. The evil aspect of it all is this: MAN USES ONLY 10% of this Minute 3-4%! How can we possible maximize our use of the allotted DNA? This is the quest of alchemists. Above many other symbols we have shown that the tree of life is our DNA.  Our quest is to abundantly let loose our potential. Not tomorrow but NOW! The meaning tree of the knowledge of good and evil must be implicitly grasped in its accurate perspective. What could it signify? Let’s have a look at our story. What does the serpent do to Hivhu? It provokes her to think and lie! What causes our thinking? What are you thinking in this instant? How is that affecting your DNA? 
DNA works with another set of nucleotide cells. These act like the master messenger. They are the librarian for DNA.RNA does the courier work. So RNA is a remindative set of Cells though it is a single strand it carries same sets of complimentary base elements. Remember the GTCACTGTACDTA formula we once dealt with. Therefore RNA is both the serpent and the tree of the Knowledge of good and evil. Say one thinks of stealing. The instant that thought is generated RNA rushes into your memory archives within you and instantly collects all your files on stealing. It brings them to DNA .DNA then in collaboration with you discusses this issue. Then a decision will be made in conjunction with all other members of your committee.

Hence our ceaseless silent talking to ourselves. We shall deal with this more fully in future lessons. Suffice to say this is a symbolic story with far less scientific gobbledygook. However with full military honors in terns of its ability to enlighten! Adham is our reasoning nature and Hivhu our suppressed INTUITIVE nature of our Subconscious mind. Our RNA is also representing something .RNA interfaces with DNA. In terms of our use of thought and subconscious matters what else of significance can we disentangle for the NOW in these esoteric stories in Gen. Our RNA in another sense represents our WILL? Willpower is a divine force. It is determinative of success or failure. In Gen 2v16 a phrase is used. The phrase you may freely eat means that you may freely DO ANYTHING. We are free moral beings. But we must quickly add that what you create you shall live with it eternally!! Hence the laws of KARMA are like that. So when Adham and Hivhu when they chose freedom they were given freedom. Thus they were driven out of ONENESS into this earth the centre of the solar system. In Gen v22 we are informed that we are gods. RNA now can be employed to do our bidding.                                                                                                  
The tough question is how come the LORD repeats almost the same statement as the serpent? Our Christian friends who sing and dance that the devil is a liar never read Torah carefully. For not even one thing said by the serpent was ever a lie.  We are a will utilizing agent on the earth. When we fell from the higher dimension we came here with all creative potential inside us. The true question is what have we done with it?  

RNA and WILLPOWER                                                                                                         

This allegory has lessons for us. It opens to a wisdom seeking entity red hot desire to release ones potential in the NOW. Today not tomorrow. Willpower which connotes RNA is our ability to choose what we can create. This power of choice lies in us. How can we start to use it? How do we use it? The consequences in our life show how we are already using it. Yet to choose we need a carte du jour.   A menu list. Willpower or RNA is not on the menu. It is the sheet on which we inscribe our desires substances.  Thus we can write anything we wish. If so RNA will tell DNA then DNA will quietly and obviously generate that. But in this word we see some people more providential than others. Is ALL Consciousness selective? 

Why should the majority be utter failures? Groveling and grovelling in abject poverty and squalor whilst the few are super rich? WHY! The answer is willpower. If you are dominated with thoughts of a beggar and spent hours praying to be a Rothschilds, you will be a beggar. For your dominating thought is your scribe. Writing on your menu list for RNA to tell DNA what to manufacture. SO cast away such low vibrational thinking. Invite and live with pure thoughts of kingship.

 For we ARE DIVINE entities. THIS IS HOW YOU CREATE YOUR REALITY!! Do you want more? Imagine you have more. Imagine constantly. 

Then more will come. DNA never changes choice menus brought by your will. Once we forego the use of willpower we are mortal and ordinary. The few then have a field day. They then recreate their poverty and give to us. To test the use of willpower we shall start with small experiments. First wish to wake up at a very odd or funny time. Not your usual time. Switch of your alarm. Then before you fall asleep, say to yourself aloud and with authority…”I am going to wake up at exactly 3.19am”….Say this without doubt. Go to sleep with that thought. Exactly 3.19am someone will touch you. And you will awake. Now let me advice you. RNA will hear your instruction. It will rush to your memory and brings all the files to the attention of DNA. One of those files is MR Doubt or Mr. IMPOSSIBLE. If you doubt you would have given allowed DNA to also produce exactly MR Doubt or Mr. IMPOSSIBLE.                                                                         

SubConscious Meditation...
Then once successful go on to DESIRE and create your new world. Image bigger things. They will come. If you fail once carry on trying. IMPOSSIBILITY must be one word never found in your dictionary of LIFE!  Let me encourage you a little. I did the experiment. It is a joy to be tapped awake by the subconscious. I always awake at exactly 4.17am. No matter where I sleep. Further when my work was failing to fully supply my family needs I asked to be rescued. Now was I not answered? Of course the answer is not exactly as I wished. But then my will, with the subconscious opened this door. I simply walked through it. So move own.  Allow your RNA to be Your Willpower DRIVER. Adham and Hivhu when they decided to experiment they were given their opportunity. They were located in the zone where they could fully experiment!!  

SO What!

Let us conclude now. Please  re-read Gen 3. Listen to it very attentively. The Chapter has more meaning now than ever. Consider that the ALL consciousness is like an ICEBERG. We are the smallest tip of that iceberg. But in order for us to fully experience aspects off all possibilities we melted away from the master ICEBERG. 

We thus were liberated. Like that droplet of water that becomes gaseous. Then the gaseous millions of water collates. They are now clouds. They rain some thousands of kilometers away from the ocean. They soon are used variously by people on the earth. In tubs, for food, in toilets etc. Then they find a way back to the ocean. Through rivers, clouds or whatever. Such is our life. 

We are droplets of one ALL CONSCIOUSNESS. We are experiencing the earth. Soon all of Us will be dead. But OUR journey continues. Excitingly in other dimensions. As a cherub was placed in the east side of Eden so is the sun a blinding agent to our perception. If you think of luminosity as something only physical you are blind.  Let this esoteric explanation of Gen 3 light your inner realization. Do not doubt for doubt will breed nearsightedness in your life on this earth.

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